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Dawn A. Lowe, PhD

Dr. Dawn Lowe

Dawn A. Lowe, PhD
Program in Physical Therapy
Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation


Associate Professor


BS in Applied Biology; Ferris State University, Big Rapids, MI; 1988.
MS in Clinical Exercise Physiology; University of Texas at Tyler, Tyler, TX; 1990.
PhD in Exercise Science; University of Georgia, Athens, GA; 1994.
Postdoctoral Fellow in Muscle Biology; Univ. of South Florida, Tampa, FL; 1995.
Postdoctoral Fellow in Biochemistry; Univ. of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN; 1998.

Teaching Responsibilities:

Scientific Foundations I: Theory of Exercise

Research Interests:

Broadly defined, my research interests include muscle physiology, aging, muscular dystrophy, and exercise science.  The focus of this research is cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying skeletal muscle deterioration that occur with age, injury, and disease.  Current studies are also aimed at preventing or reversing this muscle deterioration through exercise and pharmacological interventions.

Publications Within the Last 3 Years:

1. Novotny, S.A., M.D. Eckhoff, B.C. Eby, J.A. Call, D.J. Nuckley, and D.A. Lowe. Musculoskeletal response of dystrophic mice to short term, low intensity, high frequency vibration. J. Musculoskel. Neuronal Interact. In press.
2. Novotny, S.A., H. Mehta, D.A. Lowe, and D.J. Nuckley. Vibration platform for mice to deliver precise, low intensity mechanical signals to the musculoskeleton. J. Musculoskel. Neuronal Interact. In press.
3. Tiidus, P. D. A. Lowe, M. Brown. Estrogen replacement and skeletal muscle: Mechanisms and population health (Synthesis Review). J. Appl. Physiol. In press.
4. Call, J.A., G.L. Warren, M. Verma, and D.A. Lowe. Acute failure of action potential conduction in mdx muscle reveals new mechanism of contraction-induced force loss. J. Physiol. 591:3765-3776, 2013. PMID 23753524.
5. Arpke, R.W., R. Darabi, T. Mader, K.T. Haider, A. Toyama, C. Lonetree, N. Nash, D.A. Lowe, R.C. Perlingeiro, and M. Kyba. A new immuno- dystrophin-deficient model, the NSG-mdx4Cv mouse, provides evidence for functional improvement following allogeneic satellite cell transplantation. Stem Cells. doi: 10.1002/stem.1402. 2013. PMID 23606600.
6. McKeehen, J.N., S.A. Novotny, K.A. Baltgalvis, J.A. Call, D.J. Nuckley and D.A. Lowe. Adaptations of mouse skeletal muscle to low intensity vibration training. Med. Sci. Sport Exerc. 45: 1051-1059, 2013. PMID 23274599.
7. Baltgalvis, K.A., J.A. Call, G.D. Cochrane, R.C. Laker, Z. Yan, and D.A. Lowe. Exercise training improves plantarflexor muscle function in mdx mice. Med. Sci. Sport Exerc. 44: 1671-1679, 2012. PMID 22460476.
8. Spangenburg, E.E., P.C. Geiger, L.A. Leinwand, and D.A. Lowe. Regulation of physiological and metabolic function of muscle by female sex steroids. Med. Sci. Sport Exerc. 44: 1653-1652, 2012. PMID 22525764.
9. Novotny, S.A., G.L. Warren, A.S. Lin, R.E. Guldberg, K.A. Baltgalvis, and D.A. Lowe. Prednisolone treatment and restricted physical activity further compromise bone of mdx mice. J. Musculoskel. Neuronal Interact. 12: 16-23, 2012. PMID 22373947.
10. Greising, S.M., J.A. Call, T.C. Lund, B.R. Blazar, J. Tolar, and D.A. Lowe. Skeletal muscle contractile function and neuromuscular performance in Zmpste24-/- mice; A murine model of human progeria.  AGE 34: 805-819, 2012. PMID 21713376.
11. Baltgalvis, K.A., M.A. Jaeger, D.P. Fitzsimons, S.A. Thayer, D.A. Lowe, J.M. Ervasti. Transgenic overexpression of gamma-cytoplasmic actin protects against eccentric contraction-induced force loss in mdx mice. Skeletal Muscle 1: 32, 2011. doi:10.1186/2044-5040-1-32. PMID 21995957.
12. Call, J.A., M.D. Eckhoff, K.A. Baltgalvis, G.L. Warren, D.A. Lowe. Adaptive strength gains in dystrophic muscle exposed to repeated bouts of eccentric contraction. J Appl. Physiol. 111: 1768-1777, 2011. PMID 21960659.
13. Call, J.A., J.M. Ervasti, and D.A. Lowe. TAT-μUtrophin mitigates the pathophysiology of dystrophin and utrophin double-knockout mice. J. Appl. Physiol. 111: 200-205, 2011. PMID 21565990.
14. Greising, S.M., R.S. Carey, J.E. Blackford, L.E. Dalton, A.M. Kosir, and D.A. Lowe. Estradiol treatment, physical activity, and muscle function in ovarian-senescent mice. Exp. Gerontol. 46: 685-693, 2011. PMID 21570459.
15. Novotny, S.A., G.L. Warren, A.S. Lin, R.E. Guldberg, K.A. Baltgalvis, and D.A. Lowe. Bone is functionally impaired in dystrophic mice but less so than skeletal muscle. Neuromuscul. Disord. 21: 183-193, 2011. PMID 21256750.
16. Prins, K.W., Call, J.A., D.A. Lowe, and J.M. Ervasti. Quadriceps myopathy caused by skeletal muscle specific ablation of βcyto-actin. J. Cell Sci. 124: 951-957, 2011. PMID 21325027.
16. Greising, S.M., K.A. Baltgalvis, A.M. Kosir, A.L. Moran, G.L. Warren, and D.A. Lowe. Estradiol's beneficial effect on murine muscle function is independent of muscle activity. J. Appl. Physiol. 110: 109-115, 2011. PMID 20966194
Current Funded Research:

NIH, K02-AG036827; "Estrogenic Effects on Aged Muscle", 2010 to 2014; PI Lowe.

NIH, R01-AG031743; "Interaction of Estrogen, Age, and Activity on Musculoskeletal Strength in Females", 2009 to 2014; PI Lowe.

NIH, P30-AR0507220; "Muscular Dystrophy Center Core Laboratories", 2009 to 2014; PI Day (Co-I Lowe).

Center on Aging, University of Minnesota; “Fesler-Lampert Chair in Aging Studies”, PI Lowe
The Duchenne Alliance, DDID100063; “Mdx:Utrn+/- as a Superior Mouse Model for DMD Drug Development”, PI Lowe

Memberships & Scientific Activities:

Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine
Member of the American Physiological Society
Member of the Paul and Sheila Wellstone MDCenter, University of Minnesota
Member of Scientists in Aging Research, University of Minnesota
Member of Powell Center for Women's Health, University of Minnesota
Graduate Faculty Member, Rehabilitation Science, University of Minnesota
Graduate Faculty Member, Kinesiology, University of Minnesota
Graduate Faculty Member, Gerontology, University of Minnesota
Graduate Faculty Member, Integrative Biology and Physiology, University of Minnesota

Current Lab Members:

Brittany Collins – Graduate Student, Graduate Research Assistant
Angela Greising – Junior Scientist
Shaojuan Lai – Research Associate
Tara Mader – Graduate Student, Graduate Research Assistant
Susan Novotny – Post-Doctoral Associate
Joyce Trost – Graduate Student 



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